farewell and goodbye

January 7, 2016

They say that a lady always knows when to leave the party.
Well, these three ladies have decided that it’s time to leave this party.
With somber and grateful hearts, we announce that the 2016 Blend Retreat will not take place.  Without going into too much detail, we have mutually decided that what is best for Blend Retreat is to disband and focus on our own jobs, friends, and families.  We fondly look back at the last four years, and can only smile.  Life-long friendships have been formed.  Lives have been changed.  Small companies have gained exposure, turning them into larger companies.  We’re just extremely blessed to have been a part of something so big.
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Please continue to follow the three of us on social media and our (usually silent) blogs.  We wish you all the best!


meet our yoga sponsor: Bhakti Chai

May 11, 2015

We can hardly contain our excitement- IT’S THE WEEK OF BLEND!!! All we have to do is get through these final few days before enjoying an incredible weekend filled with fun, friendship and countless wonderful memories! We hope that you have enjoyed reading over our blog posts and meeting some of the incredible companies that […]


meet our closing ceremony sponsor, NestFresh!

May 7, 2015

We’re just EIGHT days away from Blend Retreat!! To say that this year will be special is a huge understatement.  Four years ago, Blend Retreat held it’s inaugural weekend at Chautauqua Park and we’re so thrilled to be returning this year.  Today we highlight a new sponsor, NestFresh!  They’ll be wrapping things up for us […]


meet our saturday breakfast sponsors

May 4, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed yet, there are some pretty incredible sponsors participating in this year’s Blend Retreat. As we pointed out in last Monday’s post, we were fortunate enough to have an overwhelming number of brands interested in sponsoring breakfast- so we decided to make the meals co-sponsored! On Saturday, attendees will be enjoying a […]


come hike with Detour Bar!

April 29, 2015

Hello friends! One of the perks of having a blogging conference in Boulder, Colorado is the proximity to the FLATIRONS.  On Saturday morning (after our Gnarly bootcamp and filling breakfast), we’ll be hiking at Chautauqua!  Our Official Hike Sponsor for the 2015 Retreat is DETOUR BAR and we couldn’t think of a more fitting brand […]